Victory Circle Package

Victory Circle Package

495.00 every month for 3 months

The Victory Package Includes;

  • A Comprehensive Weight, Body Composition & Health Assessment

  • Goal Tracker & Action Planning

  • Weekly Meal Prepped Lunches

  • Nutrition Journal & Meal Prep Guide

  • 3 Days A Week Small Group Strength Training

  • Vitamin & Supplement Evaluation

  • Daily Accountability On-Line Check Ins

  • Weekly Private FaceBook Group Discussions

  • Monthly Small Group Meet Ups With Motivational Featured Speakers

  • Victory Circle Completion Celebration

  • Victory Circle Completion Cord

*Optional VIP upgrade services to include comprehensive meal prep package, personal training, private accountability coaching, and cooking classes. 

Inauguration Special:

$495.00 per month for 3 months / $1,485.00 package total 

Pay Monthly

Total Retail Value $2,400.00

*Want to receive a free “Victory Pack” ($200 value)? Call now (619) 551-5443 and pay in full for this special offer.

Victory Packages Includes:

  • Warrior Fit Athletic Gear

  • Fueled by Freshly Prepped Sports Gear

  • Customized Supplement Pack

  • Plus more…

($200 Value)