*** NOTICE: Unfortunately we are only taking orders over the phone, please call 619-551-5443 to place any online orders for meal plans. We will inform you once the online feature is back up and running. IF YOU WISH TO HAVE YOUR ITEM DELIVERED - Please let us know when you call in to place the order. ***

ONE WEEK BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER MEAL PLAN: 15 Servings* - This is our ultimate convenience meal plan and it provides our customers with an optimal service of convenience and consistency which leads to results! If you are in search of a bullet proof plan which takes the option to fail out of the equation, this is the plan for you. When you choose the ultimate convenience meal plan, you will be receiving five days of high protein breakfast, a salad or wrap, plus an assortment of high protein and complex carbohydrate lunches and dinners. Want to go all out and substitute the complex carbs for double veggies? No problem! We can customize your meals with ease because each of our meals are handcrafted by our trained kitchen staff and labeled specifically for you. If you have any dietary restrictions that do not allow for this variety please let us know during check-out. Interested in more than one week of breakfast + lunch + dinner options, click on our auto renew subscription below. Enjoy!

*Pick-Up Options: "Once" this means you will pick up all meals at once, however, the meals will not be as assorted. If you choose "Twice" this means you will receive the freshest options and much more variety with the meals prepared. Please note; Delivery is not included. We do offer local delivery, please click "delivery" at check out. Freshly Prepped does not "SHIP" any food items, at this time.

We look forward to serving you soon and thank you for your order!

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Thursday 8:00am to 12noon (by appointment only)
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Custom pick-up arrangements can be made, please contact us at (619) 551-5443.